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4.5 Searching Directories for Prerequisites

For large systems, it is often desirable to put sources in a separate directory from the binaries. The directory search features of make facilitate this by searching several directories automatically to find a prerequisite. When you redistribute the files among directories, you do not need to change the individual rules, just the search paths.

4.5.1 VPATH: Search Path for All Prerequisites  Specifying a search path that applies to every prerequisite.
4.5.2 The vpath Directive  Specifying a search path for a specified class of names.
4.5.3 How Directory Searches are Performed  When and how search paths are applied.
4.5.4 Writing Shell Commands with Directory Search  How to write shell commands that work together with search paths.
4.5.5 Directory Search and Implicit Rules  How search paths affect implicit rules.
4.5.6 Directory Search for Link Libraries  Directory search for link libraries.

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