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3. Writing Makefiles

The information that tells make how to recompile a system comes from reading a data base called the makefile.

3.1 What Makefiles Contain  What makefiles contain.
3.2 What Name to Give Your Makefile  How to name your makefile.
3.3 Including Other Makefiles  How one makefile can use another makefile.
3.4 The Variable MAKEFILES  The environment can specify extra makefiles.
3.5 The Variable MAKEFILE_LIST  Discover which makefiles have been read.
3.6 Other Special Variables  Other special variables.
3.7 How Makefiles Are Remade  How makefiles get remade.
3.8 Overriding Part of Another Makefile  How to override part of one makefile with another makefile.
3.9 How make Reads a Makefile  How makefiles are parsed.

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