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Getting Started

This first part of the Info manual describes how to get around inside of Info. The second part of the manual describes various advanced Info commands, and how to write an Info as distinct from a Texinfo file. The third part briefly explains how to generate Info files from Texinfo files.

This manual is primarily designed for browsing with an Info reader program on a computer, so that you can try Info commands while reading about them. Reading it on paper or with an HTML browser is less effective, since you must take it on faith that the commands described really do what the manual says. By all means go through this manual now that you have it; but please try going through the on-line version as well.

There are two ways of looking at the online version of this manual:

  1. Type info at your shell's command line. This approach uses a stand-alone program designed just to read Info files.
  2. Type emacs at the command line; then type C-h i (Control-h, followed by i). This approach uses the Info mode of the Emacs program, an editor with many other capabilities.

In either case, then type mInfo (just the letters), followed by <RET>--the "Return" or "Enter" key. At this point, you should be ready to follow the instructions in this manual as you read them on the screen.