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Returning to the Previous node

This node is called Help-P. The Previous node, as you see, is Help, which is the one you just came from using the n command. Another n command now would take you to the next node, Help-^L.

>> But do not type n yet.  First, try the p command,
   or click the middle mouse button on the Prev link.  That
   takes you to the Previous node.  Then use n to return here.

If you read this in Emacs, you will see an Info item in the menu bar, close to its right edge. Clicking the mouse on the Info menu-bar item opens a menu of commands which include Next and Prev (and also some others which you didn't yet learn about).

This all probably seems insultingly simple so far, but please don't start skimming. Things will get complicated soon enough! Also, please do not try a new command until you are told it is time to. You could make Info skip past an important warning that was coming up.

>> Now do an n, or click the middle mouse button on the Next
   link, to get to the node Help-^L and learn more.