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13.1.3 Construct Layout Control

This group of gnatpp switches controls the layout of comments and complex syntactic constructs. See Formatting Comments for details on their effect.

All the comments remain unchanged
GNAT-style comment line indentation (this is the default).
Reference-manual comment line indentation.
GNAT-style comment beginning
Reformat comment blocks

GNAT-style layout (this is the default)
Compact layout
Uncompact layout
All the VT characters are removed from the comment text. All the HT characters are expanded with the sequences of space characters to get to the next tab stops.

The -c1 and -c2 switches are incompatible. The -c3 and -c4 switches are compatible with each other and also with -c1 and -c2. The -c0 switch disables all the other comment formatting switches.

The -l1, -l2, and -l3 switches are incompatible.