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Finding configure Input

Every configure script must call AC_INIT before doing anything else. The only other required macro is AC_OUTPUT (see section Creating Output Files).

Macro: AC_INIT (unique-file-in-source-dir)
Process any command-line arguments and find the source code directory. unique-file-in-source-dir is some file that is in the package's source directory; configure checks for this file's existence to make sure that the directory that it is told contains the source code in fact does. Occasionally people accidentally specify the wrong directory with `--srcdir'; this is a safety check. See section Running configure Scripts, for more information.

Packages that do manual configuration or use the install program might need to tell configure where to find some other shell scripts by calling AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, though the default places it looks are correct for most cases.

Use the `install-sh', `config.sub', `config.guess', and Cygnus configure scripts that are in directory dir. These are auxiliary files used in configuration. dir can be either absolute or relative to `srcdir'. The default is `srcdir' or `srcdir/..' or `srcdir/../..', whichever is the first that contains `install-sh'. The other files are not checked for, so that using AC_PROG_INSTALL does not automatically require distributing the other auxiliary files. It checks for `install.sh' also, but that name is obsolete because some make programs have a rule that creates `install' from it if there is no `Makefile'.

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